Trampolining – Did you know Jumping could be this Much Fun?

Trampolining – Did you know Jumping could be this Much Fun?

Do you remember the time when playing was simply jumping around all day long on a trampoline? Something about defying gravity can be hugely addictive. But did you know trampoline jumping actually has a number of health benefits? If you are thinking jumping on a trampoline could lead to stress on bone and joints, well there is good news. Even with the most intense trampoline exercise, the impact on bone and joint is much less compared to running.

So now you have a form of exercise which is fun, liberating, burns calories, helps build heart and lung fitness, and can actually help you effectively improve your balance.

Fighting the Pull of Gravity

Trampolining is a great way to burn calories. Every time you jump, you are fighting the pull of gravity. And as you jump higher, the body requires more energy to beat the pull of gravity, which in turn increases the number of calories you burn. Here’s the best part, even after you land back on the trampoline, while your downward movement gets arrested, you are quickly accelerated back up again. This kind of movement works your muscles to react to the force of gravity. Furthermore, when you are mid-air, you experience a weightlessness which exercises different sets of muscles that work collectively to maintain your balance.

Mix-up your Jumping Routine

While the basic movement of jumping on a trampoline is essentially upwards and downwards, there is a lot you can do to make things more fun. You could try a full body twist, or simply match your jumping to the beat of a song, pull your knees up to your chest or even try something as simple as flapping your hands. Trampolining is a fun activity and you can make it more fun by introducing a wide variety of movements which helps you work more number of muscle groups.

Muscle Groups that get a Good Work Out      

Trampolining, also referred to as a re-bounder, can be the ideal low-impact workout for you. It provides numerous cardiovascular, health and fitness benefits and is an excellent aerobic activity which not only helps you burn calories, but it also helps improve your metabolism. Muscle groups that get an effective work out with trampolining include your abdominal muscles, the muscles of your legs, thighs and buttocks.

Other Benefits of Trampolining

One of the biggest concerns when indulging in any high-impact physical activity is the damage to joints. Compared to high-intensity workouts like running, trampoliningis less likely to impact joints in a way that causes damage. If you are consistent with your rebounding routine, over a period of time it can also pull in other benefits in the form of a strengthened lymph and immune system. Trampolining is also a great way to get rid of toxins and other harmful substances which boosts your metabolic rate and leads to an overall improvement in your health.

Trampolining is a moderate-intensity exercise. So all you need to do is work in 30 to 60 minutes of rebounding 5 days a week and you will effectively meet the necessary exercise recommendation for a healthy lifestyle.

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